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Review of Bet At Home

It is fair to say that the Bet At Home is not a household name in the UK. This situation mainland Europe, however, is somewhat different from the city into one of the better known sports betting outfit around.
Since 2014, they have tried to penetrate the British market but they’ve got some big problems from the get go:

No welcome any bonuses
Little or no valuable promotions
Many players complaints about account verification
poor customer service
I usually sympathetic to the complaint verification because this is now steeped in British law but the way Bet At Home Customer service seems to handle this problem is alarming and at the moment I think they’re best avoided.


About Bet-at-Home Sportsbook

БК Bet-at-home - Топ Буки - лучшие букмекеры интернета ...

Bet-at-Home was founded in 1999 in Wels, Upper Austria, Franz Omer and Jochen Dickinger and in 2000, he went online. In December 2004, the European online sports betting company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Now has offices located in Germany, Austria, Malta and Gibraltar, and through a Maltese company, he has been issued a license for sports betting as well as casino and poker. Online Sportsbook now very popular throughout Europe, especially through Central Europe and serves about 4.8 million passengers. Serving for about 11 different languages ​​and has upwards of 300 qualified and dedicated staff. In Bet-at-Home review, we will look at what has made it a go-to betting throughout Europe.


Market Offering

There are a variety of sports and markets in which to place your bets on Bet-at-Home. Their products range from the most obvious European sport, such as football, to lesser-known delights of Bandy. Since this is the sportsbook that the main markets in Central Europe, with passengers coming from Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, this is reflected in the choice of the market, where he excelled in not only football, but also basketball, handball and volleyball , In total it offers around 25 different sports with more than 7,000 bets daily. The main sport that when the offer is:

There are also a variety of eSports to bet on, such as Counter-Strike; League of legends; Dota 2; PUBG; Overwatch and StarCraft II. You can also place bets on events and political community like Game of Thrones questions like Who will kill Cersei Lannister? In all, there are so many sports and the covered market, no matter where you are from, that you will find your bets are looking for looking for: whether the soccer Champions League or bets on when a man will land on Mars, there is a bet out there with your name on it.


In-Play Betting

This is definitely an area that should be awards Bet-at-home with the proper sign. It’s very simple to access the live betting on sports betting home page and there is an impressive number of choices offered from a large number of sports. All you have to do is click on the live betting tab on the home page and you will then be shown the full menu of options to choose from.

Not only in-play impressive and lively choice for a clear market, such as tennis and football, but also for other sports. You can bet in-play on the market such as rugby, darts, handball, volleyball and table tennis even. On top of that, such as League of Legends eSports even has its own in-play betting for the fans.

As an added bonus Bet-at-Home, it also offers live bets and multi-combi, which adds to the experience in-play bet you even more. When it comes to live, in-play betting, this really should be one of the best in the industry with a large number of varieties that easily eclipses many major competitors. However, although in-play betting option, at present, no live-streaming is available.



Chances are served at Bet-at-Home tend to be presented in decimal format, which is preferred by many central European bets. Although this may initially be unfamiliar to British passenger, it’s actually very simple to work out the decimal odds and actually makes it easier to work out your possible win.

Although not always visible on search engines odds comparison, in general, the competitive opportunities offered. You will be able to find viable opportunities in a variety of sports above all very easy to find. This is another area that makes it a very good sportsbook to use.


Bonuses & Offers

T&Cs Apply

Welcome Bonus

The welcome was not the promotion for new customers
There is no more valuable deals
compares poorly
Do not bother!

Well … things are not exactly going great for Bet at Home and they have another major drawback when you consider acceptable sale this city; that is because at the time of writing no one.

In fact, if you click a link that stands out ‘Campaign’ at Bet At Home homepage you will quickly find that they are not running a promotion at all – outstanding …


Of course, with no bonus provided Bet At Home scored a big fat 0 in our review section.

Want to sign up bonus worth? Betvictor (5 star rated) currently has about the best will be 600% of their bid.

There is a large Bet-at-Home offered welcome bonus when you sign up for Bet-at-Home, which is effectively a 50% bonus up to € 50. This site does not advertise as a € 50 bonus exercise, but you will only get the amount if you deposit € 100 or more. So do not be fooled into thinking that this is an automatic € 50 bonus. To redeem offer sign-up, simply register and top up your betting account; after this, click ‘Use Bonus’ under the ‘My Account’; then enter the bonus code ‘FIRST’ and then they will credit 50% of the amount paid into your betting account.

When claiming, make sure you understand the requirements attached to the bonus. You must activate it within 90 days of redeem it, then you have to roll-over the amount of the deposit and bonus four times with the possibility of at least 1.7 before you can redeem for money. So, if you deposit € 100 then you have to rollover € 600 (€ 100 + € 50 deposit bonus) x 4 before withdrawing.

When it comes to sportsbook bonus, this is a decent bonus compared to some of the sign-up offers another bet out there, although you will have to work for your victory.


winners Today

Bet-at-home have a promotion bet in which he gives away € 50 for one of the selected customers every day. However, if it is not redeemed then rolled, so that people who have subsequently will get € 100 and on. It can take up to reach more than € 1,000 if the customer chooses not to come and claim the cash. It really gives you something for nothing – just to login.

Send Me Sixty

Another random cash sale Send Me campaign Sixty. Bet-at-Home is sending € 60 a day via SMS. To be in with a chance to get the cash you need to do is type in a valid phone number and you will automatically be able to participate. You then can that random lucky audience who got a € 60 voucher sent to your phone



This Bonus Bet-at-Home is for the most comprehensive passenger out there. Every month Betmaster cup is up for grabs and as a customer you can automatically take part. Every winning bet you make will see you rise in rank, and the higher the chances bets you win, the more points you will get in the way to the top. If you are one of three passengers in it then you will be rewarded with a betting voucher.

Security and Regulations

Bet-at-home announces revenue growth despite Austrian tax charge

As you can imagine, Bet-at-Home really licensed in many countries in Europe. It has got the license from the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition, it has been licensed in Germany by the Ministry of Interior Schleswig-Holstein. On top of this, the UK Gambling Commission and the Irish Government has also been licensed for sports betting. Therefore, for most countries, including the UK, it is fully compatible and licensed. It is also certified by the ESSA, the European Association of Sports Safety, which again demonstrated the safety, as well as the European Gaming and Betting Association, German Sports Betting Association and Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling. In addition, according to Responsible Gaming. Governing bodies will all ensure that your site is treated fairly and honestly.

As well as being fully compliant, Bet-at-Home also stated that he uses SSL security to protect customer data is. Bet-at-Home employs 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. In addition to this, all available payment methods that offer their own measures of security, so you can be sure that your data and your money safe and secure in Bet-at-Home.


other measures Bet-at-Home take to ensure complete security is:

Vulnerability scans – quarterly by the PCI-DSS approved vendor and internal quarterly scans.
Annual penetration testing by a third party.
Protection of the environment produced by the company IDS / IPS system.
HTTPS security regarding the integrity and confidentiality of customer interface.
Operation of the system of anti-virus company is managed centrally.
Centralized log monitoring by a SIEM (Security Information Event Management) system.
security control in various areas (user accounts, disaster recovery, backup / restore, firewall / router configuration, data classification and anti-virus).
ISO / IEC 27001 certified data center provider.

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user experience

Homepage Bet-at-Home definitely a no-frills affair, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It loads quickly and is easy to use and easy to navigate. Find all you need is a straightforward process as the site is intuitive and clear. All sports available are listed on the right side of the screen.

Any information required is already available to you as soon as you enter the site, and you can check the payment methods available even before you choose to register. Also, it offers quick and easy access to social media channels. There are also a news page to give you all the sports news you need to know about upcoming events. It is also very easy to find a comprehensive section live betting in-play as well.

The site is easy on the eyes, with pale pastel colors and graphic designers have kept to a minimum, so there is no interference. In terms of usability and function as a whole, this is a great interface.


Mobile experience

If you want to bring your Bet-at-Home sports betting experience to move, then there are big mobile betting application site for users of Android and iOS. The functionality of the mobile site works in a manner very similar to the desktop site. It is easy to navigate, offers an impressive range of in-play flowing and give you the experience of Bet-at-Home when you’re anywhere but home.